Nest Bedding Mattress Review

Nest Bedding Mattress Review

The company believes that one mattress cannot fit everyone. Therefore it has produced eight different types and sizes. The types include memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. The sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California king. All the mattresses are manufactured in the United States. You can buy the product in any of their stores available countrywide, or have it shipped to your place.

In this review, I will consider the Alexander Signature Series mattress. It is made of high-quality memory foam that is breathable and durable. The mattress has a different firmness that caters to your sleeping preferences.

The Alexander Signature Series will be great if you like it:

Luxury feels– When sleeping on this mattress, you will feel a classic memory foam feel of compression. This is equivalent to sinking, which is not common in most foam mattresses. This results in great comfort.

Pressure relief- The mattress has thick memory foam and a great cover. This allows you to reduce pressure between the body and the mattress. It benefits the side sleepers since the shoulder and hips sink into the mattress.

Memory foam– This feature allows the mattress to contour to the body comfortably. This creates amazing comfort by allowing your body to sink into the mattress. The feature gets rid of back pains.

Long warranty– Most of the foam mattresses offer 10 years warranty. However, Alexander Signature Series offers a 20 years warranty. This can justify that the company believes in the product.

Great value- The product is made of high-quality materials and the price is affordable.

Pros and Cons

  • The mattress has 100 days sleep trial. If you buy the mattress but do not meet your needs, you can return it within this period. The returned products are remanufactured or given to charity.
  • Long warranty: Unlike most foam mattresses that offer a limited warranty, this product comes with a 20 years warranty period. In case of wear or tear, you can return the product and get a new one at no charge.
  • Quality materials: The product has high-quality materials that make it comfortable and durable.
  • Great value: You can acquire the product at a reasonable price.
  • Unlike most foam mattresses that have off-gassing, this product has no smell.
  • The mattress is heavy and challenging to move once it is set up. Most queen size mattresses weigh around 60 pounds, but this weighs 100 pounds.
  • People who are extremely light will find this mattress firm and not very comfortable.
  • The product has a weak edge support.

Features and Benefits

Construction (Materials and Quality)

The Alexander Signature Series comes in soft, medium and luxury firm versions. They all differ in construction and materials. This helps to satisfy the different customers’ specific needs. I will review the medium firmness option.

Cover- The mattress has a top cover made up of polyester material. It is thin enough to enable breathability. This great feature helps in temperature regulation. The cover has a 2-inch layer of foam that makes the product soft. This is also ideal for pressure relief.

Comfort layer

This layer comprises of 4-inch gel memory. Since memory foam can trap too much heat, the gel memory helps in pressure regulation. It pulls heat away from you while in bed to help sleep cooler. The thick layer placed on the sleeping surface gets rid of pressure between the body and mattress. If you are heavy-bodied, you will then experience some sinking into the mattress.

Visco foam– The layer is an inch of memory foam that relieves more pressure. With the help of this layer, you will sink a bit more into the mattress. This will work better for you if you are a side sleeper. The pressure that piles on the shoulders and hips is greatly reduced.

Transition layer

It is 1-inch thick and made of polyurethane foam. It serves as a transition layer between the soft memory foam and firm base layer. The layer provides you with great support as you sink into the mattress.

Base layer– The layer is 4-inches thick and is made of poly foam. It serves as the foundation to the other layers above. This also helps to give the mattress its shape and ensure it is durable. The other versions consist of:

The soft version- The cover is 1.5- inches, Visco foam 2-inches, transition layer 3-inches and the base is 4-inches.

The Luxury firm– It has a 1.5-inches cover, 3-inches transition layer, 2-inches comfort layer and 6-inches base layer.


You will feel the firmness of this mattress by first pressing into it. You will first notice the feel of the soft quilted cover that is on top. As you press more, you will then feel the gel memory foam beneath. When sleeping on the mattress, it provides you with great pressure relief. However, we will feel the firmness differently. This is due to our differences in body sizes and types.

The mattress is rated on a firmness scale of 5.5-6.0. This brings the Alexander Signature Series mattress in the medium firmness category. The medium scale makes the mattress suitable for different sleepers. For example, side sleepers choose softer mattresses. These allow the hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress. The result is great pressure relief. On the other side, the back and stomach sleepers often prefer a firmer mattress. This helps to align their spine properly. Therefore, the Alexander Signature Series mattress is suitable for people with different sleeping positions.

Pressure Map

You may be eager to know the areas you may experience pressure points forming. I did this experiment by placing a pressure map on the mattress. I then lied on different positions and the results were as follows:

Lying on my back- When in this position, the quilted cover created a great soft feeling to the mattress. The mattress evenly distributed my weight, lowering the pressure across my body. After lying there for long, I felt my body sinking into the mattress. In this position, you will feel more in the mattress than lying on top of it.

Lying on my side- When in this position, there is weight concentration on one side. I, therefore, experienced increased pressure in the shoulder and hips region. The mattress thick memory foam is ideal for pressure relief. This would benefit the side sleepers but if you are heavy-bodied, you may consider the soft version.

Laying on the stomach- The results from this position shows low pressure across my entire body. The low pressure on my chest ensured that I breathe comfortably. I liked how the mattress kept my hips from sinking too much.

Motion Transfer

Sharing a bed with a partner is at times challenging, especially when one tosses and turns on a bed. This may keep disturbing you and the solution is to buy a great mattress. I tried the test of determining the level of disturbance on the sides of the mattress. The test involved dropping a 15 pounds steel ball from the heights of 6, 10 and 14 inches. The disturbance is measured on the other side of the mattress without motion.

The thick foam layer on top of this mattress helps in achieving great results. When I dropped the ball at 6-inches, there was little disturbance noted on the other side. This would represent your partner tossing and turn in bed. After dropping the ball at 10 inches, the motion on the other mattress side was slightly higher. This would represent your partner getting into or out of bed. Finally, when I dropped the steel ball at 14 inches, there was a large spike which quickly comes down. This would represent you or your partner jumping into the bed. From the results, it is clear the Alexander Signature Series mattress could work well for most couples.

Sinkage Test


When sleeping on the mattress, different people will experience different sinking levels. This may be due to differences in body sizes and weights. In order to get a better idea, I used balls of varying sizes and densities and placed them on the mattress. I expected to see how much they compress the mattress. The ball represented people of different body sizes and shapes. The results were as follows:

The 8 pounds medicine ball has 1 inch of sinkage.

The 12 pounds medicine ball had 2 inches of sinkage.

The 100 pounds medicine ball had around 6 inches of sinkage.

Edge Support

You should consider edge support, especially if you sleep with a partner. This may involve using the entire mattress surface area. You may have experienced falling off the bed when asleep and is very disappointing. Let us consider the Alexander Signature Series mattress.

When lying near the side, I felt very secure as the mattress provides even support. I comfortably changed positions without the fear of falling out.

When sleeping on the edge, I had a great support and pressure relief. I also experience some compression when hanging off the side.

I also experienced some compression when sitting on the mattress. All my weight is concentrated on one area of the mattress.

Nest Bedding MattressSource:

Temperature regulation

The Alexander Signature Series mattress is made with a breathable high-quality material. This generates airflow, thereby allowing you to sleep cool.


It is hard for all the customers to prefer one product. Alexander Signature Series mattress has alternatives that vary in size, comfort, and pricing. Some of them include:

Ghostbed mattress

Ghostbed MattressSource:

If you are looking for a brand similar to Alexander Signature Series, you can consider the Ghost bed mattress. The material is made of 100% polyester that makes it stretch and regain its shape quickly. It has a thickness of 11 inches and comprises 3 layers. However, it only offers a single firmness option that is medium firm. It is great for any sleeping position but has a poor edge support. Just like the Alexander Signature Series, it comes with a 20 years warranty. Generally, the differences between the two mattresses are minimal.

Tuft & Needle mattress


We cannot all be fans of Alexander Signature Series mattress. The Tuft & Needle could be an option for you. The product is built from 2 layers of foam with a height of 10 inches. The 3- inch top layer and 7-inch bottom layer provide support and great compression to the mattress. The thin-white cover offers great breathability by ensuring air circulation. The Tuft and Needle mattresses are rated at a firmness scale of 6-6.5 out of ten. Just like Alexander Signature Series, it offers 100 night’s trial period. However, the warranty period is 10 years.


The Alexander Signature Series mattress is a “unique bed in a box” with pockets springs. The mattress offers bounce, great airflow, and edge support along with amazing comfort to the user. The mattress is available in three options, giving you options to choose the best design that meets your needs. It is a great product that comes at a reasonable price. Enjoy a fantastic night.

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