Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

This is one of the best mattresses in terms of comfort and support. I used to sleep on a simple mattress and was always ashamed of hosting friends. Many times I would visit the doctor due to persistent back pains. I later discovered that I was risking my health due to discomfort. This would mean not being there for my family when they needed me most. With Nectar mattress, I can sleep comfortably without even disturbing my partner.

The mattress comes in six different sizes: Twin, Twin Extra Long (XL), Full, Queen, King and California King. You can, therefore, choose depending on the size of your bed. A night of very good sleep could guarantee you a great day. This can be achieved by having the right bed, with a quality mattress. Your health should be your priority, so always strive to live the best life.

Nectar mattress is suitable for:

Any sleeper who enjoys a cooling and comfortable memory foam mattress. If you are looking forward to a great sleep throughout the night, this product will suit you. It uses two types of gel foams to guarantee cool sleep all night.

Sleepers who want a longer free test period: Most industry standard is 100 nights or less. Surprisingly, nectar provides an amazing 365 nights of a free trial. You may have bought the product but it does not suit your needs. You can, therefore, return it for free within this period.

Customers who want a longer warranty: Nectar provides a forever warranty on its product. They strongly believe in their product. Most companies offer a 10-year warranty on similar products.

Those who need a thicker mattress with a lower budget: Nectar mattress is 11 inches high, with 4 layers. This is great compared to most online mattresses with 10 inch.

Sleepers who want an all in one solution: Some customers prefer soft while others prefer firm mattresses. Nectar mattress is neither soft nor firm. It is suitable for many sleepers and different sleeping positions.

Sleepers who may wish to change the cover. If you wish to change the cover, you can call their official site. Surprisingly, they will exchange the cover for free. Alternatively, you can spot clean or dry clean the cover.

Customers not living in the U.S: Nectar offers to ship internationally. Whether you are in Europe, Asia or Canada, you will get the product at a lower shipping fee. Generally, most online mattresses only offer shipping within the U.S. In case you live in the U.S, the return and shipment are free.

Customers with a low budget: This great product has many impressive features. You can buy it at an affordable price, thereby saving your money.

Pros and Cons

  • Great conforming and motion isolation: Nectar mattress offers you a cool and comfortable sleep. If you sleep with a partner, you can hardly notice them tossing or turning at night.
  • Lack of noise when having weight: Some mattresses produce noise when heavy people are sleeping on them. However, with this product, the great compression gets rid of the noise.
  • International shipping and free shipping within the U.S: If you live in other continents like Asia, you can still order the product. There is free shipping for customers living in the U.S.
  • It offers a 365-night sleep trial. You can, therefore, return the product at any time within this period. Most companies, however, offer a 100-night sleep trial. There is a lifetime warranty on the product too.
  • The product has a weak edge support.
  • You may experience some off-gassing smell within the first 24 hours.
  • The product is not as plush as its pillow-top.

Features and Benefits

Construction (Materials and Quality)

The manner in which a product is presented or delivered has a big impact on consumers. Nectar mattress is delivered to your home rolled up into a bag with handles. This is for easier transport from the delivery door to the bedroom. You may also prefer the optional White Glove Delivery service. This ensures your mattress is professionally unwrapped and installed.

The mattress is 11 inches thick and is made from four unique grade performance layers. They are all designed with cooling and airflow in mind. This is, therefore, a great option if you are looking for a foam mattress that sleeps cooler compared to the previous types.

Tencel Cover

The Nectar mattress has a removable Tencel cotton cover, which is highly breathable. It has an aloe-based cooling layer that ensures air circulation in the upper layer. This helps to absorb heat and keep you cool.

You do not have to worry about the cleaning. Just take off the cover since it zips around the mattress. You can then comfortably put in the washing machine.

It is bedbug resistant and also OEKO-TEX certified. This cover makes the mattress safe for use by babies and your children.

Top Comfort Layer

The 1-inch layer handles weight distribution and pressure relief. It is made from high-quality gel memory foam to ensure great air circulation and body comfort. The gel memory will make you feel the softness a great feel to the top layer. The second 1-inch foam layer offers primary support and bounce.


Transition Layer

This layer is 3 inches and weighs three pounds. It acts as a change support layer between the upper and lower layers and helps greatly in cooling.

Foundation layer

This 6-inch layer provides deep compression support. It is made from a two-pound high-density foam. The layer supports the contouring layers, thereby serving as a great foundation. Surprisingly, the Nectar is designed for any support surface, and the warranty is not limited to use of a box spring.

Firmness (Support and Feel)

The Nectar is rated at 6-6.5 out of ten on the firmness scale. This ensures that the mattress meets different sleeping needs and choices. You will notice a soft feel from the high-quality cover while relieving the pressure. If you lie down on the bed, you will have an amazing experience. Your body will sink into the upper layers for a great comfort. When compared to the base layers, the comfort layers respond slowly.

You will also notice that the bottom two layers are firmer. This combines pressure relief and comfort with support. When lying on the mattress, the lighter parts of the body also sink very comfortably. You will, therefore, have a great uniform feel equivalent to lying down.

Some mattresses retain heat thereby giving you a very uncomfortable night sleep. However, with Nectar mattresses, the cooling features will keep you from sleeping hot.

When sleeping on this mattress you will feel a deep hug, and you can enjoy sleeping in different positions. This can work as follows:

Back sleepers– If you are a back sleeper, you will enjoy the bed’s supportive molding in the lumbar region. Also, the high-density base foam will keep your spine in great alignment.

Side sleepers– For the side sleepers, you will benefit from uniform pressure relief. You will not worry about your weight being concentrated on a smaller surface area.

Stomach sleepers– If you are a stomach sleeper, you do not have to worry about back pains. You will notice how the bed holds your hips gently, without letting them sink to dip.

Motion transfer

High-quality memory foam will ensure you have a great sleep. I once spent a night at my friend’s house. Unfortunately, I could get disturbed whenever he tossed and turned at night. The simple mattress also generated a lot of heat, making the night unbearable. I had to leave the place early morning and have a better sleep in my house. To avoid such disappointing experiences, you can try Nectar mattress.

It is made of high-quality material that ensures minimal bounce on the Mattress. If you sleep with a partner, you can have a great sleep without getting disturbed by their movements. The mattress tends to absorb movement without letting it spread across the bed.

Edge Support

It is important to consider edge support especially if you sleep with a partner. This is because you may need to occupy a big space. It is at times disappointing when your partner fall out of bed when asleep. Nectar mattress can offer a great solution to this problem. You will feel supported when lying on the edge and no risk of falling down. You will notice some compression when sitting on the edge, with your weight concentrated on one area.


The Nectar mattress has a lifetime warranty. This is unlike similar products that offer a maximum of 10 years warranty. This product is very durable form the high-quality material. You will enjoy the comfort of this mattress forever. In case of any defect, the company will replace it for you at no charge.

The Nectar Company offers a great guarantee with regard to wear and tear. The body will not sag into the foam for more than 1.5 inches in the lifetime. If it exceeds this, the company will replace it at no charge.

Size and Weight

This mattress comes in six different sizes. This important in case one of the partners is taller than average height. The Twin Extra Large and California King will serve as a great choice. The Twin XL has extended 5 additional inches. The California King is the longest, measuring 84 inches long. If you are taller than average, your preference is available.


Many foam mattresses accumulate a lot of heat when slept on. However, Nectar mattress is made up of great materials that prevent heat buildup and sweat at night. Each layer of the mattress absorbs heat and promotes airflow.


Nectar mattress is a great product for many. However, not everyone would be pleased with the product. The alternatives are likely to vary in comfort, price, and weight. Let’s have a look at some of the alternatives:

Loom & Leaf mattress

Loom and Leaf MattressSource: loomandleaf

This can serve as a better option to the Nectar mattress. It is made up of 100% organic cotton cover. The mattress is 12 inches thick with a firmness option of medium-firm and firm. The material is breathable to help in great air circulation. Unlike the Nectar which offers 365 trial periods, this mattress offers 120 days. The mattress offers great comfort and it has 15 years warranty. When compared to the Nectar, it is relatively expensive but the shipping is free around the U.S.

Snuggle-pedic mattress

Snuggle-pedic mattress can be your other option if you are not pleased with Nectar. It is made up of high-quality cover fabric polyester that is durable. It has a thickness of 10 inches and weighs around 40-100 pounds. Just like the Nectar mattress, it is made up of four layers that are breathable for great air circulation. The firmness option is medium-firm, making it suitable for people with different sleeping positions. Unlike the Nectar which offers 365 trial periods, Snuggle-pedic offers 100 trial periods.

Ghost bed mattress


We cannot all be fans of Nectar mattress. If you are looking for a similar brand you can consider the Ghost bed mattress. It is made of 100% polyester that makes it stretch and regain its shape quickly. The mattress thickness is 11 inches and comprises 3 layers. It only offers a single firmness option that is medium firm. It is ideal for any sleeping position but has a poor edge support. Generally, the differences between the two are minimal. It is upon you to decide what features pleases you most.


The Nectar can compete well with other luxury mattresses that even cost more. This is a great reference if you are looking for a new mattress that is firm. In addition, it is a great choice when considering support and comfort at an affordable budget.

The great edge support, a feature lacking in most mattresses is a great achievement. The low motion transfer makes it ideal for people sleeping as couples.

I hope you enjoyed the product review. Sleep well, feel better, and live longer.

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