Lull Mattress Review

Lull Mattress Review

It is obvious that you can relate to how essential good sleep is. Whether a you are sleep for just a few hours or up to twelve hours. However, thin, old and torn mattresses cannot provide you with comfort sleep and that is why the Lull mattress was made. It is a three layered memory foam designed mattress handcrafted to provide sleepers with optimum rest.

First, the Lull mattress is an affordable asset coming at approximately $800 with $50 discount (depending on size). It comes in three layers: the bottom being a 7 base layer of poly foam. Medium- a transition layer for lumber support. The top layer which is gel infused all aimed at offering maximum isolation.

This is suitable bedding especially if you have a spinal problem. The mattress is great at pressure relief and motion transfer. Also, if you are in areas with extreme temperature, the Lull mattress offers temperature regulation and cooling effect. In addition,the mattress is very llong lasting. Nevertheless, if you are going for a bouncy latex feel, the Lull mattress might disappoint. Also, for a first time sleeper, you have to keep up with the new smell and it requires extra caring and maintenance even as a mattress.

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So, is this your mattress?

It is normal that this might be another man’s meat while it is your poison. The goal of the mattress is to offer comfort and support to you in terms of relieving pressure and discomfort, temperature control, firmness and conforming. As this may be your major requirements for a mattress, the $800 value might be pricey. The off-gassing and additional maintenance could be a minus too. Therefore, it is advisable that as a prospective buyer, you should take factors such as cost, comfort, support among other functionalities into account. This will enable you determine if the Lull mattress is actually the most appropriate mattress for you. Otherwise here is a full review of the bedding so you can assess whether your requirements do match its features.

  • 100-night trial and free returns within 100 days plus 10-year warranty
  • Improved pressure relief and motion transfer
  • Great price ranging between $500-$900 depending on either of the six sizes. You might find the price for your size more affordable compared to other memory foam mattress.
  • The Lull mattress has a good reputation and reviews, it has a4.9 out of 5 Google Trusted rating.
  • Lull works with all bed frames from flat platforms, adjustable bed, the floor, slatted base to box springs.
  • You might find off-gassing a nuisance especially during the first couple days. However, some customers do not feel the smell.
  • The Lull mattress lacks a perimeter support. You might notice the edge slightly collapses when sat on.

Features and Benefits

Type and Construction

The Lull is a memory foam mattresses that puts into construction three layers of foam which add up to 10″ width of a mattress. The layers include:

The lop layer-this is a 1.5” layer made of gel infused memory foam. This is the part that contours directly to your body. It is constructed to pull heat from your body and provide airflow. In turn, it provides a cooling effect and comfort from the regulated temperature.

The middle layer– It also measures 1.5” and it is made of conventional proprietary memory foam. The layer tries to offer alignment of your body meaning there will be evenly distribution of your weight and spinal alignment. In general, the foam supports the body for easy rest.

The bottom layer-This is a 7” layer made of dense polyurethane foam. It provides a base for the other two layers and supports their functionality by providing support and strength. The poly foam is durable and offers compression resistance. Its bulkiness gives the mattress its solid shape as well as prevents sagging.


As you may have noticed the Lull mattress is made of foam throughout its ten inches. Therefore this might be your mattress especially if you like the foam feeling. However, if you are after a latex bouncy effect, you might miss that in Lull.

Other materials in addition to the foam are the covers. The top cover is made of 90% Polyester and 10% Rayon. The side cover contains 64% Polypropylene and 36% Polyester. The bottom cover has 38% Barrier Coating, 31% Rayon, 28% Polyester and 3% Twaron. The covers are designed with durable and strong material to hold the mattress in shape and for a long time service.

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Finding a mattress that is both firm and comfortable can be difficult. Out of ten, the Lull mattress firmness will range between 5/ 6 depending on your weight. If you weigh around 100lbs, you might find the Lull mattress more firm than a person who weighs 200lbs.

The good thing about the foam construction is that it softens with time and you might find the firmness reducing. Therefore, by the 100th day of trial, you might have made up your mind on the coziness of the mattress.

In addition, the mattress topper has a soft feeling that counters the firmness and provide additional snug.

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Motion transfer

Motion is all about distribution of weight, however weight varies among people. For instance, if you weigh over 200 pounds, you are more likely to experience the weight distribution. On the other hand lighter person might not feel much difference in terms of weight distribution.

The Lull mattress design is made such that regardless of your weight, it provides a satisfactory amount of weight transfer. To ensure you don’t feel like you are rolling to one side or sinking in a hole, the Lull mattress provides optimum weight distribution thanks to the combination of the foam layers.

Temperature regulation

The Lull top layer of gel infused memory foam. It does an efficient task of taking away excess heat from a sleeper’s body. This reduces stickiness due to sweating and prevents heat from building up and I am sure you can relate how discomfortable than can be. In addition, Lull offers a soft breathable cover that can be a plus in providing a cooling effect.

However, other than the presence of gel which is 1.5” of a 10” mattress, there is no other mechanism for airflow. This might not be sufficient to prevent a sleeper in hot humid areas from sleeping hot.

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Motion Isolation

The Lull mattress is designed to be a motion absorber. It ensures you experience minimal disturbance from your bed-mate or pet when they move. This is due to the three-layer of support which naturally acts as a shock absorber from bounce and movements.

Trial Period

Among the customer service Lull offers, is the 100-night period trial for the mattress. This is sufficient time for you to evaluate all the above features and if actually they deliver the promised benefits.

Fortunately, in case you feel that the mattress is not what you wanted or it has not delivered the comfort and support you required, you can return it. Lull will take back the mattress for free and go further to give a refund. The Lull mattress is a huge investment and the 100 days allow you to determine if it is actually worth your investment.

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Lull offers a 10-year warranty which starts from the date of purchase. The company has published full details of the warranty customer service on their website. When the product defects before 10 years are over, Lull can either repair the mattress or replace it with a more comparable product. Defect being a broad word, Lull limits defect to being:

  • More than 1” of sagging or indentations but not as a result of improper use or a lack of proper support.
  • A manufacturing flaw in the cover and cover zipper but not because of improper use.


The Lull mattress cannot be everyone’s favorite or dream mattress. That is why there are alternative you can check out and find what you have been looking for. Check this out:

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress


The T&N offers a bouncy but supportive feeling. It has the right mixture of firmness and softness.  The mattress has flexible foam that requires minimal space for storage when moving. You can compress, roll and store it in a small box convenient to pass through your door. However, it requires about 72 hours to fully expand and maximally dissipate any odor.

The Tuft and Needle mattress has movement isolation, ensuring you remain at rest even when there are other movements on the mattress. This mattress has a ventilation mechanism to that create a cooling effect to keep you from sleeping hot.

Zinus BioFusion Memory Foam Hybrid Spring Mattress

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Zinus hybrid mattress is constructed with a Bio-foam   memory foam layer and heavy-duty Coil springs. This is an environmental friendly mattress. The biofoam is a replacement of the traditional petrol based oils with natural plant oils. The foam is also makes the mattress very convenient as it can be compressed to a small box when being moved. Plus it is one of those mattresses you do not have to worry about producing odor.

The Tuft and Needle is CertiPUR-US Certified as far as content, durability and functionality is concerned.  It is a more affordable mattress, with 10-year warranty and comes in four sizes for your choice.

Modway Aveline

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The Modway Aveline is China made 3-layered mattress that come in four sizes. You can purchase it through Amazon and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

The Aveline top layer comes not only with gel-infused memory foam. It also has open cell and it is ventilated. It is a to-go-for mattress especially if you are in hot and humid areas as it provides extra airflow. The mattress foam is CertiPUR-US certified, you can be certain it has no formaldehyde, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants or heavy metals.

It is a suitable mattress if you are looking for something on a budget or staying at a place temporarily but also  require comfort and support during sleep. The mattress seems very slim when you unbox it, but after about a day, it expands at takes its shape.


Back and shoulder pains, feeling tired during in the morning. All these discomforts we face at times because of poor quality sleep as a result of low-quality mattress. Lull has designed the Lull mattress to ensure you have comfortable rest at night. It is constructed with airflow mechanism for heat regulation. Lull mattress also has motion transfer foam that evenly distribute your weight so you do not have to worry about back or shoulder pains any more.

It is not only an affordable mattress, but also durable ensuring every penny you spend result to a long term service. The Lull mattress is a modern designed with features and functionality to offer a sleeper regardless of their size, maximum comfort and support. Click here to view the product.

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