How To Pick The Best Size Mattress

How To Pick The Best Size Mattress


It’s not something you’d have ever considered when you were younger. As you get older you discover the little things that go into making a home. Things you once took for granted. Buying the right furniture can take time and consideration. If you’re moving into a new home or are renovating your current bedroom, choosing the best size mattress for you can make a world of difference.

Mattress Dimensions and Charts Available on the Market

When you first delve into choosing your own mattress, it can be overwhelming. You thought you’d walk into the store, choose the best mattress you could afford, and walk out. On the contrary. There is a number of common problems that arise when choosing the right mattress for you. We’ve broken up the major areas of concern into a few sections below.
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Firstly, you have to determine what capacity you need your new mattress to be. There are two mattress capacity categories to choose from – single (twin) and double. This is the easiest aspect to determine as you will know if you tend to sleep alone or with a partner. However, you’re not limited to buying a single mattress if you live alone. Obviously Marvellous point out the advantages of a single bed. They’re affordable, ideal for smaller rooms, and are also great for kids. On the other hand, House Full recommend a double mattress. They explain that a double bed can be more comfortable and give the decor a more elegant and classy appearance. You may sleep alone or with a partner. Yet, ultimately, you might have to choose a mattress size based on other aspects.

Your height & weight

Adult mattress sizes do come available in different lengths. You might not have thought about it before unless you’re particularly tall. However, the length of a standard twin mattress and a full mattress is 75”. So, if you’re in the region of six foot tall, you’re not going to find a standard twin mattress comfortable. Dreams recommend that your mattress length should exceed your height by a few inches for the best comfort. Your weight should be considered because mattresses are available in a variety of depths. Some standard mattresses can be just six inches deep. Other mattresses can be as deep as 15 inches. If you’re a heavy-set, you will not find a shallow mattress as comfortable as others might. Likewise, If you’re only slight, a deep mattress might not be necessary. Remember that the mattress depth will contribute to the overall height of the bed. Sleeping higher or lower is a matter of preference. Although, you might need to consider the health implications. Bed height should be appropriate to the height of the individual. A mattress that is too high or low can put added strain on your joints when getting on or off it. Mattress Firm suggests that you test your mattress height by sitting on the edge resting your feet flat on the ground. If your hips and knees are leveled, then your mattress is the perfect height for you.
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Available floor space

Again, this might seem obvious. You can only fit a mattress within the confines of the bedroom. It’s common for people with a smaller bedroom to squeeze in a mattress that is too large. People do this because they find bigger mattresses more comfortable and luxurious. However, in doing this, you limit the walking space and overall spaciousness of the room. Thus resulting in a room that feels cramped. On the other hand, you can often find large bedrooms with a small bed and plenty of empty space. This leaves the room feeling vacant and wasted. Ultimately, the wrong size mattress diminishes the overall comfort of the room. The Golden Ratio is a mathematics equation often utilized in art and design. It dictates the perfect ratio of components within any space for the perfect balance. Dreams explain you should consider the Golden Ratio or the ‘altered Golden Ratio’. It can help you find the perfect balance.

Convenience of delivery

If you live in the suburbs or a rural area, having a large mattress delivered is rarely an issue. That said, if you live in cramped, urban areas, it becomes more difficult. Narrow, busy streets can be an issue for large delivery vans. In addition, some apartment blocks or smaller buildings have a narrow access. They can also have narrow stairways and small elevators. This can make it difficult to deliver some mattresses if your home isn’t the most accessible of places. While more modern mattress types like memory foam mattresses can make this issue avoidable, they are easily compressed into vacuumed packaging, considerably reducing their size and awkwardness to haul. Traditional mattresses can still pose a problem if they are your preference.
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Availability of other specific requirements

You may need to base the size of the mattress you buy on any particular requirements you might have. Memory foam mattresses are available in all sizes but are a bit more expensive. However, if you require a mattress with a cooling system or one that is hypoallergenic, they are readily available and affordable. Still, if you have more specific needs, the prices can increase dramatically. Availability can also become more limited. If you require an orthopedic mattress, the larger sizes may push the limits of your budget. If you require an adjustable mattress, they are usually only available for single use. If you want a double adjustable mattress, you usually need two separate mattresses. This allows for individual adjustability for the benefit of the partners.

Mattress dimensions

There are six standard mattresses sizes available on the market. They are as follows –
  • Twin
  • Extra Long Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
A Twin mattress is one of the smaller adult mattress sizes available. It is ideal for sleeping alone, small bedrooms, and children. Dimensions – 39”-75”. An Extra Long Twin mattress is as above but with five more inches in length. This is better suited for a taller individual. Dimensions – 39”-80”. A Full mattress is the largest single mattress. It could be ideal for the individual who likes a little extra space on each side. Dreams recommend that the best width allows you to place both hands under your head without your elbows reaching the edge of the mattress. However, if you’re over six foot tall, a Full mattress might not be ideal. Dimensions – 54”-75”. A Queen mattress is the smallest double mattress size available. This mattress could suit younger couples or a smaller bedroom. Dimensions – 60”-80”. A King mattress is the widest mattress size available. Suitable for most couples but requires a large enough bedroom to fit in appropriately. Dimensions – 76”-80”. A California King is a double mattress that is better suited for taller couples. It is the longest adult mattress available but is not as wide as a King. If you require a long mattress but also have more limited floor space, this might be the ideal mattress to buy. Dimensions – 72”-84”.
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How to Choose a Mattress Size That Suits Your Needs?

Now you know a little more about the issues that arise from choosing the right mattress size. So how do you choose a mattress size that suits your needs? Consider the following aspects when you’re shopping for your latest mattress.

The best size for you

The most important aspects to consider when deciding which mattress size is right for you, is preference and floor space. There are a number of combinations. Do you sleep alone but have a large bedroom? You don’t have to limit yourself to a small mattress just because you’re not sharing. However, if you find a smaller mattress more comfortable, there’s no reason not to buy one! Likewise, if you sleep with a partner but don’t want your bed to overwhelm the room, opt for a Queen or California King mattress. Think about the Golden Ratio and consider a potential change of circumstances in the near future.
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You must set a clear, realistic budget, and stick to it. There are so many available options out there at many different prices. It is easy for smart advertising or a clever gimmick to sway you. However, if you outline your budget early, you’ll know the perimeters in which you have to work within. If you’re shopping online you can set your searches to work within your suggested budget. You can even confirm your budget with your sales assistant at the beginning of the shopping process. This way, they’ll only show you products that you can afford. They might even be able to cut you a deal on a more expensive mattress just to make a sale. Thankfully, many mattress manufacturers focus on excellent customer service. They understand that a mattress is an investment. As a result, you’ll find that there are extended warranties available with mattress purchases. Warranties can cover six months, ten years, or even a lifetime. Just be aware that they only cover abnormal damage caused by defaults in material and craftsmanship. They won’t cover normal wear and tear, or damage caused by misuse.

Sleeping style

Take into consideration your sleeping style. This can influence what mattress size would be best for you. If you tend to roll or move a lot during the night you might require a larger mattress. This can prevent you from disturbing your partner. Even if you sleep alone, this can prevent you from falling off the edge of your bed, causing you to disrupt your sleep or even injure yourself. Sleep and Health state that an estimated 73% of all people prefer to sleep on their sides. A soft, soft-medium or medium firmness mattress is recommended for the majority of the population. Find more information about side sleepers here. Since this sleeping style is so common, it should be easy to find a suitable mattress in any size and within your budget. If you sleep on your back you’ll most likely benefit most from a mattress that conforms to the shape of your body. Foam or latex mattresses usually offer the most impressive support of this kind. High-quality foam or latex mattresses can be more expensive. Therefore, your budget might limit your options in this regard.
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Try before you buy

Once you have identified a potential mattress for you, try it out. The Better Sleep Council outlines employing the S.L.E.E.P test. The test is as follows –
  • Select a mattress
  • Lie down in your sleep position
  • Evaluate the comfort and support
  • Educate yourself
  • Partners should both test the mattress
In addition, many mattress manufacturers offer a satisfaction guarantee. Since a new mattress can take some time to adapt to, they might require a bedding-in period. Manufacturers may ask that you give your new mattress up to a month before making your final decision. If, after that period, you’re not completely satisfied with the product for any reason, you might be able to return the mattress in exchange for a full refund.


A mattress is an investment. As you will now be aware of, there are so many variables to consider when purchasing the right one. If you’re taking time to choose the perfect mattress, you don’t want it to be a short-lived relationship. The Better Sleep Council outlines that, generally, a mattress will be past its best after seven years. While this is a good guide, it is not foolproof. If you often travel for work and your mattress goes unused for periods, it will last considerably longer. If your mattress is subjected to heavy use, for example, being moved often, or children playing on it, then the quality could diminish even sooner than that.
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Read reviews

Reading reviews is one of the best ways to gather an understanding of what you’re researching. So many people share the same experiences and problems as you do. And they share their experiences online. Many retailers publish genuine customer product reviews these days. Make sure you use these to your advantage. Seek out customers who’ve had similar issues to overcome as you have. They’ll discuss the ways in which the mattress they bought helped resolve the issue, or how it didn’t. Often they’ll mention if they had to return or replace the mattress they chose. They may also mention what mattress they finally settled on.

Seek a referral

You might suffer from a specific health condition or issues like snoring, etc. If this is the case, ask your doctor or sales assistant to recommend the best mattress for you. Even if they are not experts in both, they might be aware of what can help alleviate your condition.

Mattress Type and Technology For a Perfect Nights’ Recovery

You should now have a grasp of how to choose the best mattress size for you. However, it doesn’t end there. Although you have chosen which of the six available mattresses sizes could be ideal for you. Now, you must consider the mattress type, material, and even the technology used. Listed below are the most commonly used on the market today.

Spring mattresses

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Spring mattresses are the most traditional type of mattresses available. You won’t have a problem finding a spring mattress of any size. They can also be cost effective. Although comfortable, spring mattresses can’t offer the type of support more modern mattresses can. The life expectancy of a spring mattress is around eight years. The Best Mattress Topper has compiled a graph demonstrating average lifespan of each mattress type. Due to the construction of spring mattresses, they work well for anyone who enjoys a cool sleep. There is significant space in the core of the mattress to allow air to circulate, and heat to dissipate. However, when worn down, the springs can become uncomfortable. They can also become noisy and transfer movement. Spring mattresses are the most difficult to deliver and to move.

Foam mattresses

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There is a host of different foam mattresses available on the market. The most common type is memory foam. Memory foam is denser than other mattress types, although different densities are available. Different foam densities provide a different level of firmness so that you can match your personal preferences. As memory foam conforms to the body, it offers you superior support, as well as pain and stress relief. They distribute your weight more effectively and isolate movement. Although more comfortable than spring mattresses, memory foam tends to retain heat, which can result in discomfort. Foam mattresses are easy and convenient to deliver. Although they can be heavy, they are easily compressed and packaged for convenience. To set up a foam mattress, you just need to remove the packaging and roll the mattress out on your bed. The mattress will expand to its full size in minutes.

Pillow top mattress

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A pillow top mattress can be any type of mattress available. The pillowed top adds padding and luxury to the mattress. The can also help prolong the life expectancy of the mattress. Although pillow tops can be extremely comfortable, they are easily compressed. However, once they are compressed, you will lose the benefit they used to provide.

Hybrid mattresses

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A hybrid mattress is a cross between the modern foam and traditional spring mattresses. The design offers you all the advantages of each mattress type and eradicates their disadvantages. A hybrid mattress is an innovative design that can offer you the pressure relief of foam. They achieve this with the responsiveness of springs. They isolate movement and offer better edge support than other mattresses Typically, the springs within a hybrid are individually pocketed. This allows the mattress to be compressed for the convenience of delivery without damaging the individual components.

Latex mattresses

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Latex mattresses offer many of the same benefits as foam mattresses. Moreover, they also respond to your body in almost the same way. The biggest difference between the two mattress types is that latex is a natural material. This may be something worth taking into consideration. However, these days, memory foam is constructed using harmless chemicals and approved methods.


Airbeds and waterbeds have provided an alternative to traditional mattresses. They can be ideal for spare bedrooms or for traveling. They’re easy to set up and easy to maintain. They are also very comfortable, and they are inexpensive. The main issue with these types of mattresses is that they do not deliver longevity. Once punctured, you must repair or replace them. Also, if you puncture a waterbed, you’ll have some cleaning up to do. If you’re sleeping with a partner, both of these mattress types transfer a lot of movement.

Additional features

There are modern advancements and innovations in all aspects of life. This also includes the manufacturing of mattresses. Many modern mattresses integrate cooling systems to improve sleep when the weather is hot. This is commonly achieved by infusing the materials used with an additional material. This can range from Thermo-Gel to copper. All modern innovations intend to make our lives easier and improve our health. Hopefully, you’ll identify the ideal mattress for you. One that provides you with the best night’s rest.


We bet that you never knew buying a mattress could be so complex. However, it is complicated, and for a very good reason. Sleep is such an important factor in our physical and mental health. It is commonly agreed that sleep is one of the three pillars of health. Alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. The Better Sleep Council study reveals that the majority of people surveyed believed sleep to be the most important factor. Poor sleep can affect your mood, concentration, and even your appearance. The right mattress can be a great place to start for improving your quality of sleep. In addition, choosing the right mattress can have physical benefits. If you sleep on a mattress specific to your needs, it can help you in many ways. The perfect lying position can alleviate pain, maintain good alignment of the spine, and relieve stress. The perfect mattress can even prevent snoring and disturbing movement during the night. We hope you find this guide helpful in your quest to find the best mattress for you. If you use the points discussed as a reference, you should find that you’ll soon be sleeping like a baby.

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