Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review

Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review

The Cocoon mattress is manufactured by Sealy. This is one of the most popular brands in the mattress business. The quality of the mattress may reflect a new product on the market. However, this mattress has been in existence since 1881. Currently, two models are available: the Cocoon Classic and the Cocoon Chill. Different people may require different features and comfort in mattresses. Therefore, both mattresses have an option for soft and firm.

You will not have to worry about your bed size while shopping. The Cocoon mattresses are available in six sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. You should note that prices range from the selected cover and mattress size. This will guide you when preparing for shopping.

Tips for buying a Cocoon mattress:

Identify the size of your current mattress

Before you go shopping, consider the size of your current mattress. It is also important to know the size of the room you are sleeping in. Therefore, you can buy the right mattress size without any mistakes.

Spend some time testing the mattress out

Many consumers make mistakes while buying mattresses. They are often in a hurry to test the mattress by hand or sitting down. You should take your time when looking for a mattress that works for you. If possible, bring your favorite pillow along. This will help determine the comfort of your mattress.

Try out the different form of mattresses

You should know what comfort level you require. This will help you to choose from soft to firm mattresses.

If you don’t like it, don’t hesitate to return it       

The customers who buy Cocoon mattresses have 100 days to test it. If you chose a soft instead of a firmer mattress, you can exchange. Many people may think the returned mattresses are resold. Surprisingly, they are either donated to charity or recycled.

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The Cocoon mattress is a great option for you if:

Prefer a firm mattress: Interestingly, both the soft and firm options are classified in the former category. If you are a stomach or back sleeper, this product offers plenty of comfort and support.

You sleep with a partner. Surprisingly, the Cocoon gets little bounce and great motion isolation. If even if your partner turns or gets up severally at night, you are not bothered.

You want compression options. In case you want to sleep on the inside of the mattress, try the soft option. If you feel you like sleeping on the top, try the firm option.

You sleep very warmly. The mattress cover adjusts the beds surface temperature from your body heat. This prevents you from lacking sleep due to changes in temperatures.

You want to pay less for a quality product. A lot of memory foam mattresses are very expensive to buy. However, the Cocoon mattress has a budget-friendly price.

  • The Cocoon mattress has multiple firmness and cover options.
  • It offers comfort and keeps off the noise. If you sleep with your partner, you can hardly feel any disturbance.
  • The Cocoon offers a below-average price-point.
  • Free delivery. You just need to order, pay and the mattress is delivered to your doorstep.
  • Extended warranty. The Cocoon mattresses offer a 10-year warranty.
  • The Cocoon mattress has a weak edge support.
  • The mattress is too firm for side sleepers.
  • The classic cover sleeps warm. This may not make you sleep very comfortably.

Features and Benefits

Construction (materials & Quality)

Sealy company offers the Cocoon mattress in both soft and firm options. This is ideal for customers with different preferences. If the company was limited to one option, this would mean customer looking for other varieties. This may lower the sales of the Cocoon mattress, thus making the product weak in the market. Both the soft and firmer options are classified in the spectrum of firmer versions.  Therefore, I will review the film version of the mattress. I will also consider some basic information about the soft as well.


This mattress was built with consumers’ comfort in mind. The cover is made up of 100% polyester and a very soft feel to it. Are you worried about sleepless nights during summer? The Cocoon mattress is very breathable. This helps to keep the mattress from trapping heat. You are therefore assured of a peaceful and cool sleep.

The cover allows you to adjust position comfortably during the night. When you pull the cover slightly, it snaps back to shape very fast. The thin size allows for a better feel of the foam’s top layer.

There is an option for this cover, called the Chill mattress. It has materials that help with temperature regulation. However, there is no difference in the foam layers between the two versions. The Cocoon Chill has a higher price of around $ 150, compared to the Classic version.

Comfort Layer

The Cocoon Classic Firms comfort layer has 2 inches of memory foam. This will provide pressure relief from your body. On the contrary, the Soft version’s memory foam layer is followed by a 2-inch poly foam layer. This great feature allows you to sink into the mattress a bit more. As a result, there is some pressure relief.

Base Layer

The Cocoon Firm has an 8-inch high-density poly foam base. This is meant to support you while retaining the mattress’ shape. On the other hand, the Cocoon Soft has a base layer of 6 inches, of the similar high-density foam. The 2 inches of the base layer is reduced and replaced with transition poly foam. This gives you a softer feel while sleeping.


The firmness of a mattress ranges from one person to another. This is due to the differences in our body type and sizes. The Firm version of the Cocoon mattress offers a great firmness. This is rated at 7-7.5 on a scale of 10. The medium firmness of other mattresses is considered more in a range of 6/10. The Cocoon Firm version, therefore, offers a great achievement.

When you press into the memory foam, you will feel sinking into the mattress. However, the fast transition to the base layer keeps you from getting stuck. The short top layer will enable you to adjust your position on the mattress without strain. You will achieve great support from the high-density base layer.

The soft version of the Cocoon mattress is rated as 6/10. Apparently, this is the most common level of firmness. It allows for different sleep choices. You will notice the soft cover, and the stitching looks durable, especially when stretched in many directions. The product feels cool when you touch it, but after sleeping on it, you will notice the temperature regulation aspect.

Sealy company indicates that this mattress can support up to 500 pounds on each side. This is basically more than other mattress forms. A heavy-bodied person will find the mattress softer than a lighter person.

Pressure Map

It is important to note the areas you may feel increased pressure on the Cocoon mattress. Personally, when lying on the back, my weight is evenly distributed. This causes minimal pressure across my whole body. When sleeping on the side, I feel increased pressure on my hips and shoulders. If you sleep on your side, a softer version may work better. When sleeping onto my stomach, I experienced fairly low pressure on my body. My hips did not sink into the mattress, reducing the strain on my back. This allowed for comfortable breathing while reducing chances of backaches.

Motion Transfer

For married couples, you may be eager to know how a mattress can get rid of motion. It is often disturbing to be woken by your partner when tossing and turning at night. You will notice that with Cocoon mattresses, you may not feel a little disturbance. The intensity could be well felt if your partner is jumping or getting into bed.

With a firmer version of Cocoon mattress, you will expect more impact on a motion. The Cocoon Soft version would perform better on motion transfer. This is because it has poly foam transition layer between the memory foam and the base.

Edge Support

One of the most disappointing things is to fall off the mattress when asleep. This could be evident especially when sharing the bed with a partner. It is important for a mattress to feel great support near the sides. This will make you feel secure and not worry about falling out of bed. When I tried the Cocoon, I felt well supported from the center to the side. I rolled severally and noticed the side could not collapse. When putting my shoes, while hanging off the side, I noticed a great amount of compression.

Sinkage Test

When budgeting for the mattress, many customers would like to know if they will lie, or sink into the mattress. This can be determined by testing balls of different sizes and densities. You will notice that the denser and bigger the ball, the more compression it has on the Cocoon mattress. This reflects people with different body masses and sizes.


Cocoon mattress may not be the best option for all. Therefore its alternatives are likely to vary in price, weight, and comfort. Here are some of the alternatives:

Zinus mattress


The mattress can be a better option for cocoon mattress. It has a great cooling, edge support, and a nice cover. The product is affordable, and you may return it before 100 days if not fit for you. Zinus provides great body support with minimal pressure. It is great for most side and stomach-sleepers.

Lucid mattress

This mattress supports the hip weight and is great for sides and stomach-sleepers. The top cover has side panels that you can unzip for spot or dry cleaning. It has four layers that provide comfort and support to your body.  It is a great preference for a partner sharing a bed with a back-sleeper.


The Cocoon is a great option if you want a firm mattress. It offers very minimal bounces and high motion isolation. This makes it a great consideration if you are sharing the bed with a partner. In case you sleep hot at night, the Chill option is a better consideration. However, you must be prepared to pay more for the product. Irrespective of offering little features, the Cocoon is worth using if you want a firm bed and at an affordable price.

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