Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review

Are you suffering from poor sleep because your current mattress is uncomfortable? For years I survived on just a few hours of interrupted sleep because I never addressed the issue. When I finally upgraded to a modern mattress I couldn’t believe the difference it made. In this review we’re going to be looking at the Brooklyn Aurora mattress, to see how influential it can be on healthy sleep.

Things to consider before buying a new mattress

In the short term insufficient sleep can affect your mood, concentration levels, and reduce your energy. In the longer term, not getting enough sleep can have serious implications on your health. Modern mattresses are designed to provide support and comfort which allows you to develop better sleeping habits. If you suffer from poor, interrupted sleep, then you might consider upgrading your old mattress. Mattresses can be expensive so if you’re the type of person who can sleep anywhere you may not need to make such an investment. New mattresses are durable and designed to last. If you tend to move from place to place but think you could benefit from a more comfortable mattress, memory foam toppers can be an effective alternative. They’re less expensive, portable, and still offer you improved support and comfort.

If you’re looking to invest in a new mattress carefully consider what you can afford and your future plans. Modern mattresses can be expensive but are designed to last and often come with considerable warranties. If you suffer because your current mattress is uncomfortable or causes you pain or stiffness, you should consider upgrading.

The Brooklyn Aurora Mattress

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is the latest in luxury mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding. The Aurora is a hybrid of memory foam and coil mattress technologies. It has been specially designed to provide the comfort and durability of foam, with the support and better breathability of coils to give you a cooler sleep. The Aurora could be the best mattress for anyone who finds benefits in both foam and coil mattresses, and anyone who sleeps hot. The Aurora is an investment so it may not be best suited to someone whose lifestyle is in constant change.

  • Innovative hybrid construction
  • TitanCool technology for a cooler sleep
  • Coils provide superior edge support
  • 120 night trial period
  • Expensive
  • Coils may impact on motion transfer
  • Coils may impact on longevity

Features and Benefits

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding was established in 1995 by two brothers after deconstructing mattresses and learning how to make them better. From humble beginnings storing inventory at their homes, the brothers began to sell through Amazon, and eventually set up their own website. After more than 20 years in the business, Brooklyn Bedding still own the manufacturing process of their products from beginning to end. Designing, manufacturing, and selling from their state-of-the-art factory in Phoenix, Arizona, allows the company to have greater creative control and direct reactivity to real customer feedback. This model allows Brooklyn to offer their customers affordable luxury and quality craftsmanship with satisfaction guaranteed.

Hybrid Design

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is a hybrid of modern foam and traditional coil mattresses. This means is has the best of both worlds. The foam provides a layer that adjusts to your body as you move to provide you with a better sleep. Contouring to the shape of your body provides superior support and can prevent and alleviate aches and pains. Foam mattresses are durable with a strong structure and are easier to compress and transport. The coils provide a stable reaction to movement for motion isolation. This helps to prevent disturbance due to sleeping partners during the night or morning.


Cleverly constructed combining five layers makes the Aurora an adaptive, versatile mattress. It is available with three firmness options to suit different needs, and Brooklyn specify how each firmness can benefit the individual. The first layer is a 1.5” layer of Brooklyn’s patented TitanFlex combined with their TitanCool technology. Infused with copper gel Energex creates a cleaner, antibacterial surface. This layer is either soft, medium, or firm depending on your preference. The second layer is 2” of TitanFlex foam, providing you with added comfort, while immediate response technology ensures the mattress adjusts to your body as you move. The third layer is 1” of swirl visco-elastic memory foam to act as a transitional layer and enhance compression support. The fourth layer integrates the traditional coils, an 8” supportive layer consisting of 1,283 individually pocketed coils.

The coils combine well with the foam layers to offer superior response to movement and motion isolation. Since each coil is individually pocketed, any noise that you would expect them to make is avoided. The fifth layer is 1” high density foam which acts as a durable foundation for the mattress. This final layer creates a strong core to the mattress as well as a sound structural firmness. The mattress cover is a blend of rayon and polyester which offers durable stretch and is infused with phase change material that feels cool upon contact. The materials used are of the highest quality and are Certi-Pur US certified. This means the Aurora stands up to rigorous testing for safety and performance. Using cleaner materials also allows for reduced off-gassing odor and period.


TitanCool System

Due to common issues with memory foam retaining heat and causing discomfort, Brooklyn has designed the innovative TitanCool system to combat the problem. The mattress cover is infused with phase change surface technology. This technology allows the cover to feel cool upon contact which aids in regulating body head. The conductive properties of the infusion also allows for excess heat to be draw away from the body while you rest, promoting a more peaceful, cooler sleep. The second feature of the TitanCool system is the copper infused top layer. Again, the conductive properties of the copper draws heat away from the body, and disperses it throughout the mattress for better ventilation. This system combined with breathable materials, and the better airflow provided by the coil support layer make this an effective mattress if you prefer a cooler sleep.

Easy Set-Up

While the Aurora is a hybrid mattress comprising of both foam and coils, it does have the advantage of the convenient set-up of all foam mattresses possess. This can be achieved as each coil is individually pocketed allowing them to be compressed for delivery without causing any damage or bending. The Aurora is delivered direct to your door compressed and rolled. Simply remove your mattress from the box, position it on your bed frame, remove the wrapping and unroll it. The mattress will expand to its full capacity on its own in just a few minutes. After you have removed the packaging some off-gassing is to be expected. Off-gassing is a temporary side effect of compression where the release of trapped gas and air can cause an unusual odor. If you notice an odor initially, it will subside after a short period.

120 night Trial and 10 Year Warranty

The Brooklyn Aurora is an investment that is built to last. As a change in mattress can take some time to adjust to, Brooklyn offers a 120 night trial. The company asks that you give their products at least 30 days before you make your final decision, and if you’re not fully satisfied, you can request a replacement or return the product at no extra cost for a full refund. In the case of a return, Brooklyn kindly ask you to donate your unwanted mattress to a local charity. Once the donation is approved they will issue you a full refund. A wonderful and generous gesture from the company.

In addition, Brooklyn back their products of being of the highest standard, and pride themselves on their excellent customer service. As a mark of their confidence in their products they offer a ten year warranty as standard. The warranty covers defects in any of the materials or craftsmanship leading to early evidence of damage, sagging, or deterioration. The warranty does not cover any damage or failure cause by improper use.



Brooklyn Bedding is a reputable company with years of experience in the production of luxury bedding. They are a self made company established in 1995, the company now owns their own factories and control the manufacture of their products from start to finish. Browsing various online retailers I noticed that Brooklyn garner mostly favorable reviews of their products. Their own site publishes customer reviews and responses for your reference. The Aurora has received 55 reviews over all, of which only six customers rated the mattress three stars or fewer.


Layla Mattress

The Layla is a versatile double sided mattress offering two different firmnesses in a single model. Medium-soft on one side, and firm on the other. The foam is infused with copper and the covers with thermagel to promote a cooler and cleaner sleep. Constructed using four layers the Layla offers support, comfort, and versatility. Layla Sleep offer a 120 night trial and lifetime warranty.

  • Copper infused for a cooler sleep
  • Thermogel infused for heat regulation
  • Flippable firmness for preferred comfort level

Leesa Mattress

Leesa MattressSource:

Leesa produce mattresses which offer universally adaptive comfort for different sleeping styles. The Leesa has been constructed using multi layers that combine to offer you comfort and support. All the layers offer a universal mattress which adapts to all body types and sleeping positions. Leesa offers a 100 night trial and a ten year warranty.

  • Sleeps cool due to Avena foam designed to improve airflow
  • Designed to provide comfort, recovery, and support
  • Adapts to all body types and sleeping styles

Tuft & Needle


The Tuft & Needle mattress has a significant customer base that back their products. Tuft & Needle claim their foam is more innovative than that produced by other brands’. Offering a great balance between softness and support that adapts to your body, the mattress is universally suitable. The tight, bouncy density of the mattress prevents the sinking sensation you can experience with a foam mattress. The company offers a 100 night trial and a ten year warranty.

  • Foam infused with graphite and gel to provide a cooler sleep
  • Adaptive, comfortable foam, which relieves pressure
  • Single model mattress, universally comfortable


Not enough or poor quality sleep can have a negative impact on your life and your health. Older mattresses can be poorly designed in terms of support for your posture. Older mattresses can also be just plain uncomfortable. If you struggle to sleep due to the issues with your current mattress upgrading to the Brooklyn Aurora might be the best course of action for you. The Aurora is a hybrid mattress that gives you the best of both worlds of foam and coil type mattresses. It Is specially designed with innovative technology to allow you to achieve a cooler and cleaner sleep. Plus, is it available with a choice of three firmnesses to ensure suitability to your preferences.

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