Best Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Topper


Sleep is a vital function which can influence our health, mood, and performance. For that reason we need adequate rest to be able to function the best we can. In order for a good night’s sleep our comfort plays a huge part in the quality of rest. Old or poor quality mattresses can be too firm or too soft, too noisy or too bouncy. Old springs can stick out of worn out material, or they can collapse in the center and edges. When I travel for work I’m often left exhausted or holding my back due to poor mattresses keeping me awake or causing aches and pains. A quick fix is utilizing the benefits of a mattress topper. A revelation I wish I made years ago.

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What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is an additional layer that you fit directly on top of your existing mattress. They provide extra comfort and are typically used for older or poor quality mattresses. Mattress toppers are an effective way to improve the comfort of an existing mattress. They are considerably cheaper than buying a new mattress and are easy to pack up and take with you.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Mattress Topper

Before you go out and choose your mattress topper consider your needs. If you’re mulling over getting a mattress topper to use at home, will one effectively improve the comfort of your current mattress? Toppers can provide an added layer of comfort or support, however they are just an addition. If the mattress you’re sleeping on is noisy or lumpy a topper might not alleviate those problems.

If you’re considering a topper because you often travel, will it be convenient to carry? Toppers are easy to roll up and carry. However, they might not be ideal if you spend a lot of time on planes or public transport. If you drive for travel then taking your topper with you wherever you go won’t be a problem.

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What do you look for in a mattress topper?


When it comes to choosing a mattress topper, one of first the aspects to consider is what materials they’re made of. You should also consider thickness, density, size, and your own personal sleeping needs.

Mattress toppers are made from various materials. Each of these materials have their benefits and shortcomings. Memory foam is the most common material used now due to the versatility it offers. Memory foam is lightweight, easy to fit to any size, and is available in many comfort levels for the individual. Other materials often used for toppers include other types of foam, latex, and feather-down. Make your decision based on your needs. In some cases you simply might require some extra padding, and any of the aforementioned materials could make a difference. If it is the benefits of improved contouring or support you’re interested in, memory foam is likely the best option for you.


The thickness of your mattress topper is preference. You may not want to raise the level of your sleeping position too much so only require a thin topper. Perhaps you have a relatively thin mattress already? Then you might benefit from choosing a thicker topper. Similarly, if you’re looking for just a slight improvement in comfort or support, a thinner topper might do the job. If you’d like a more considerable difference you can go as thick as you’d like. Thicknesses of mattress toppers can range from anywhere between one to four inches.

The density of your mattress topper is one of the most important aspects. Density will not only determine the weight, flexibility, and the durability of the topper. The density will also determine the firmness and comfort level. The more dense your topper is, the less likely it is to show signs of wear and sagging in the short term. A denser topper will also be heavier and more difficult to transport. In terms of firmness, a denser topper will feel harder and provide the greatest support. If you prefer a softer comfort level then you will be able to choose the density of your mattress cover. Memory foam adjusts and contours to your body, so the firmness you opt for should just be a case of what you find most comfortable.

You can also consider your sleeping style. Do you sleep on your side? If yes, you might benefit most from a softer firmness. If you sleep flat on your back or your stomach, you might discover that a firmer surface is the most beneficial and comfortable for you.

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In terms of size plenty of options are available. The get the most benefit from a mattress topper you’ll want to ensure you buy one that fits your bed perfectly. If it is too large the edges will sag and put strain on the center of the topper. If it is too small and you move around in your sleep, you will not benefit from the comfort it provides. You can buy a mattress topper to fit any size mattress. If you’re considering a topper for travel, a single topper might be adequate enough, and would be more convenient to travel with.

Other things to consider

Other aspects to consider include the mattress toppers’ covers, and innovations like cooling systems and integrated, soothing scents. Some toppers won’t come with a discernible cover – they’re simple design to fit within your bedsheets. However, others come with an array of options. Ideally, a mattress topper cover is usually a light material like cotton or a blend that offers softness and elasticity. Materials derived from natural minerals like bamboo and offer natural antibiotic properties that promote a cleaner sleep. Covers that comprise hypoallergenic properties to provide a cleaner, safer sleep, are more universally suitable for more people. For convenience and sanitation, many toppers come equipped with removable covers. When you purchase a topper with a removable cover ensure that the zips or fastenings aren’t located in an inconvenient location. Shop around to find a material that meets your needs.

Due to its nature, memory foam absorbs heat. Many mattress toppers come integrated with advanced cooling systems. These systems can range from simple breathable pockets, to gel and copper infused materials. All of the systems intend to either feel cooler to the touch, or aid in the dissipation of body heat. How well these systems work are effective to various levels. If you tend to sleep hot and would prefer a cooler sleep, make sure you do your research before you make your final decision.

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Choosing your mattress topper

When it comes time to choose your mattress topper what how do you make the right choice? The most important thing to consider is how it will meet your needs. Think about the age or your mattress, is it showing any signs of wear? Do you prefer a firm and soft mattress? Are you sensitive to allergens? You’ll be able to find the perfect mattress topper that suits your needs considering these aspects. Finding the right one can completely transform the quality of your sleep.


Prices for mattress toppers can vary considerably. The price will reflect that materials used, the quality of said materials, and the craftsmanship. Known brands may also carry large price-tags, however, reputable companies strive to provide quality products and customer service.

Ranging from as little as $40 to a few hundred dollars. Usually, you get what you pay for. Mattress toppers are considerably cheaper than replacing your entire mattress, and will allow you to get a few more years out of, or rejuvenate your bed.


Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt – Extra Plush Cooling Topper – Hypoallergenic

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The Bamboo mattress pad from manufacturers, ExceptionalSheets, is USA made. A topper designed to offer you a soft and cool comfort. It is available to fit any mattress size from twin to California king and the fitted skirt will fit mattresses up to 18” deep. This topper is a convenient and effective way to revitalize a worn out mattress, improve your comfort, and improve your quality of sleep.

  • Designed with quilted, individual pockets that provides a soft and breathable layer. Each pocket is individually filled with Revoloft – a fiberfill that feels like natural down. The Revoloft filling is soft, smooth, and cozy, without containing feather stems. An incredibly comfortable sleep.
  • The rayon from bamboo cover feels silky and soft to the touch. The porous material makes the topper breathable to allow for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Double stitching prevents the pockets from shifting or clumping together.
  • The fibers used are 100% hypoallergenic. It provides you with a comfortable, cleaner sleep, without irritation or the possibility of allergic reaction.
  • Machine washable. Keep your topper fresh and clean without the hassle of hand washing or dry cleaning. Air or tumble dry then replace on your bed ready for use.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. ExceptionalSheets is a long established, reputable company that prides itself on customer satisfaction. In the situation that you are not completely happy with the product you refund your purchase within the one year warranty.
  • Only suitable to wash in high capacity machines. Household machines with an inadequate capacity may cause damage.
  • Although the bamboo cover and Revoloft fiberfill are breathable, the nature of the fill retains body heat. If you sleep hot you will find this an issue with this topper.
  • The lightness of the materials used means this is not the most durable mattress topper. The bamboo cover can be easily torn from vigorous activity, or if caught on a sharp object. If the fitted skirt becomes stretched or damaged the topper will not remain in place on your mattress.
  • It is vital that the extensive guide to washing is followed exactly to prevent damage. It’s recommended that you avoid the use of softeners.

LUCID 2-inch 5-Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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The Lucid memory foam mattress topper is an innovative product. Designed to lull you into a good night’s sleep. Available in any size. You can improve your comfort easily with this simple topper that fits snugly on top of your existing mattress. The topper is 2” thick and offers you a supportive layer that improves your sleeping arrangements at the faction of the cost of a new mattress.

  • Five textured body zones are specially designed to react to point of contact. Each zone has been structured differently to provide support and reduce pressure. This design intends to reduce movement in the night allowing you to have a more peaceful sleep.
  • The texture and formula of the memory foam has been designed to be soft and breathable. The structure allows for better ventilation and responsiveness for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.
  • The foam comes infused with a lavender scent. Lavender’s known for its relaxing and calming properties, it’s included to gently encourage you to rest and fall into a natural, healthy sleep.
  • An affordable and effective product to improve upon the comfort of your current mattress.
  • Lucid back their products with a three year guarantee
  • Although textured and breathable, the memory foam used retains body heat. As a result, this can lead to an uncomfortable night if you sleep hot.
  • Due to the textured structure of the five body zones, this topper is not the most versatile or durable. The support designed for certain parts of the body mean the topper is only effective in one position and could lead to early signs of wear.
  • With no means of holding the topper in place it is easy for it to become dislodged. The topper can move through normal use. The movement can not only disrupt your sleep, but can contribute to strain on the topper. The result is early signs of wear.
  • The lavender scent may dissipate after a short period.
  • Does not come compressed like many memory foam items do. Quality memory foam manufacturers produce their products to order, and compress for delivery to ensure you get a brand new, quality item.

Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Sleep Innovations’ dual layer mattress topper that is versatile for all style of sleepers. It combines layers of memory foam and fiberfill to completely transform your mattress in terms of comfort and support. The two 2” layers are held securely in place together by the removable cover, and provides you to choice between two comfort styles that are easy to alternate between. Available in five sizes.

  • Dual layered design gives you two comfort choices in one. A 2” memory foam layer, enhanced with a cooling gel that draws away excess body heat. The memory foam is soft, supportive, and responsive to your body. Offering pressure relieving support and comfort. Secondly, the 2” fiberfill quilted layer is incredibly soft and allows for better airflow.
  • The cover specifically designed to tightly hold the two layers in place. This results in improved support and comfort. The cover is easy to remove and is washer and dryer safe. You can maintain a clean and relaxing bed, hassle free.
  • Made in the USA and vacuum compressed for convenient delivery and set up.
  • Sleep Innovations’ products from with a ten year limited warranty.
  • No straps or skirt come included to hold the mattress topper in place. No matter how well fitted, three separate layers will inevitably lead to movement and dislodging. As a result, this will compromise both comfort and the durability of the product.
  • Removing and washing the cover will lead to stretching and signs of wear. Eventually you will have to replace the cover as it becomes tired and fails to hold together the two layers.
  • The gel infused memory foam is prone to discoloration. There are reports of it hardening and becoming brittle.
  • The fiberfill layer can be easily torn from usual activity. While the soft foam can lead to early signs of wear like sagging.
  • At 4” topper with zero edge support. Sagging will occur around the edges of this mattress topper.

3 Inch Thick, 4 Pound Density Gray Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

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Memory Foam Solutions have produced this memory foam mattress topper. It instantly improves the quality of your current mattress. Available in six sizes to suit your requirements. This topper can be ideal for transforming your sleeping arrangements without the cost of a new mattress. 3” of four pound density memory foam completely alters the sleeping platform of your mattress. This offers you better comfort, pressure relief, and motion transfer.

  • The dense memory foam conforms and adjusts to your body. It provides you with better support, and encourages less movement during the night to improve the quality of sleep.
  • Produced in the USA, The Memory Foam Solutions mattress topper exceeds PURGreen standards. The topper is made using environmentally friendly processes.
  • Vacuum compressed and sealed for convenient delivery and easy set up.
  • Memory Foam Solutions back their products with a ten year limited warranty.
  • The memory foam is very soft and is not suitable for everyone. Side sleepers get the most benefit from soft surfaces, but flat sleepers might find it less and comfortable.
  • The memory foam is very responsive to the pressure of your body. It will conform easily. As such, not everyone finds this sinking sensation comfortable. You may find that this topper retains too much head for a comfortable sleep.
  • The density of the topper may lead to early signs of wear like sagging.
  • The off-gassing odor is strong and remains for a prolonged period. This can disturb your sleep and impair your experience.
  • No straps or fittings come supplied to keep the topper in place. Without securing a topper in place natural movement will dislodge it and compromise your comfort. Eventually, this kind of movement will lead to early signs of wear.

Red Nomad 2 Inch Thick, Ultra Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

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This affordable memory foam mattress cover to enhance the quality of your current mattress. Designed to be 1” shorter on all sides to snugly fit on top of your current mattress and within your bedsheets. This is an easy and convenient product for improving your night’s sleep. Universally intended to suit all sleep styles, this topper comprises 2” memory foam to provide you with support and pressure relief where you need it most.

  • Made in the USA. The memory foam is made in accordance with all certiPUR-US guidelines. This foam is safe, with no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process.
  • Integrated Cool Cycle polymer, designed to provide better ventilation. Keeping cold air in, and warmer air out, the topper allows for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.
  • A cheap alternative to replacing your current mattress.
  • The short size allows the topper to fit securely under bed covers. This keeps the topper in place. However, as a result it leaves a gap between the edge of the topper and the edge on your mattress. This can cause discomfort during the night.
  • The Cool Cycle polymer that keeps cold air in and warmer air out is not without issues. This actually tends to cause the surface area to retain body heat and become sweaty. Thus leading to an uncomfortable sleep.
  • While advertised as memory foam, the topper is, in fact, a Visco-elastic material. It possesses some of the same properties as memory foam in terms of contouring and support. However, it is of a lesser quality and density to memory foam. This can result in early signs of wear, like sagging and deep body imprints.
  • The topper fits under normal bed covers, but there are no further means to secure the topper in place. If you move during the night, the topper will gradually shift causing discomfort and regular repositioning.
  • It is unclear if Red Nomad offer any type of warranty with their products.

Silentnight Deep Sleep Mattress Topper

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A mattress Topper offers you a simple and effective way to breathe new life into your current mattress. Available in four sizes, from single to super king. This topper offers you an cost effective resolution if you find your current mattress has become tired and worn out. Light and fresh, the topper comes padded well with hollowfiber that feels soft and luxurious. The hollowfiber provides a springy yet sumptuous layer that brings support and comfort into your sleep routine.

  • Offers you a cheap and effective way to refresh and rejuvenate your current mattress.
  • Incredible light, this topper is easy to remove, replace, and to take with you.
  • Despite being thin, the topper provides excellent warmth, but doesn’t get too hot during the night.
  • The generous amount of hollowfiber filling is breathable and comfortable, and offers you gentle support.
  • Washing machine compatible.
  • The elasticated corner straps stretch over your mattress to keep the topper in place.
  • This is a thin mattress topper. Toppers can rejuvenate a worn out bed. However, some mattresses are too far gone. Is your mattress is overly worn? If so, this product is not suitable for you.
  • The material is not the most robust.
  • Continuous use and washing will eventually cause the padding to flatten and become misplaced.

PharMeDoc Memory Foam Mattress Topper – 2 Inch Thick Bed Topper

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A 2” memory foam mattress topper from PharMeDoc. This topper brings a new level of comfort to your existing mattress. The foam provides you with improved comfort while it supports your weight and relieves pressure. Adapting to the contours of your body, the foam reacts differently for each individual. Alleviates aches and pains and improves alignment. Breathable and responsive, the topper allows you to get a cooler, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Impact resistant memory foam absorbs movement for improved isolation. Getting in or out of bed won’t disturb you or your partner’s sleep.
  • Incorporated with open cell technology. This allows the foam the breath for better ventilation of body heat. With no trapped causing you discomfort, instead it will dissipate through the material. Hence, leaving you to sleep cooler.
  • Hypoallergenic materials provide you with a cleaner, relaxing sleep, with fewer irritations.
  • The durable construction protects your mattress. Rejuvenating and prolonging your bed at a quarter of the cost.
  • PharMeDoc guarantee 100% satisfaction, and back their products with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The topper is only available in three sizes. If you purchase a topper too small for your mattress, you may feel the edges when you move during the night. If you purchase a topper too large for your mattress, the edges will overflow and lead the strain on the center of the product. Both of these instances will impair comfort, durability, and satisfaction.
  • No straps for fixings come included to secure the topper to your mattress. When toppers aren’t fixed down, they gradually shift from normal movement. This will lead to signs of wear and a need to reposition the topper regularly.
  • Despite the open cell technology that improves airflow, the memory foam tends to retain heat. Therefore leading to discomfort.
  • Although firm, as the foam conforms to your body you will notice a sinking sensation experienced with some memory foam products. Enduring that is a matter of preference.

LANGRIA 3-Inch Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper. CertiPUR-US Certified Gel Memory Foam, Removable Zipper, Hypoallergenic Bamboo Cover

Langria Mattress TopperSource:

A memory foam mattress from Langria which takes advantage of all the advancements in memory foam technology. In order to give you a better sleep. Combining the comfort and supportive benefits of luxurious 3” memory foam with other advantages, Langria have managed to create a mattress that offers you more for less. Five available sizes make this a suitable and affordable way to reinvent your bedroom. All at the fraction of the cost of replacing your current mattress.

  • 3” gel infused memory foam. The topper contours to your body, relieves pressure, and distributes your weight evenly. The cooling gel works to reduce body heat and circulate fresh air to keep you cool.
  • The advanced cover. The other bamboo cover is removable and washing machine friendly. This cover has been designed to absorb moisture from your body while you sleep, to keep you comfortable. It is both antibacterial and hypoallergenic to encourage a cleaner, cooler, safer sleeping environment, with less irritation.
  • The bottom side of the topper comes integrated with a non-slip fabric. When placed on top of your mattress this securely holds the topper in place, reducing shifting and friction between the two. This simple feature enhances the functionality and durability of the topper.
  • Vacuum compressed for delivery. This topper remains suitable for rolling up for easy storage or travel.
  • Fully certiPUR-US certified.
  • There are reports of over-compression for delivery causing damage to new products.
  • There is an inconsistency in the firmness of the memory foam. Some customers have described it as too soft, while others have described it as too firm.
  • The topper is not suitable if your current mattress is in a particular state of sagging. The foam will contour to the gaps below it, thus compromising your comfort and the topper’s quality.
  • The period for the off-gassing odor to dissipate is considerably longer than expected. Langria advise you should expect a period on two to three weeks. After you should notice the odor has gone completely.

Ultimate Dreams Queen 3″ Talalay Latex Medium Mattress Topper

Ulitmate Dreams Mattress topperSource:

Dreamfoam Bedding produce quality bedding worthy of their name. This 3” latex mattress cover is made in the USA and is encased in a natural bamboo fabric, which feels luxurious, silky, and durable. With seven sizes available, each one with a selection of firmnesses. Therefore there is an Ultimate Dreams topper that is suitable for everyone. Similarly, to memory foam, latex offers comfort and support, however, it also offers around a third more pressure relief that other materials. An ideal topper to rejuvenate a degrading mattress.

  • The natural bamboo casing is luxurious, hard wearing and easy to clean. The consistency of the casing combined with the latex make this topper feeler cool to the touch.
  • The naturally resilient materials will not bunch, compress, or sag. This gives you better durability and longevity.
  • The latex provides a cushioning layer that supports and conforms to your body. More responsive than other materials, this latex topper offers superior pressure relief and balanced weight distribution.
  • Latex is a perfect material for individuals who suffer from allergies.
  • The nature of latex offers contouring support without the sinking sensation.
  • The topper is not 100% natural materials. There is a percentage of synthetic fillers integrated into this fabric of the topper.
  • Issues reported state that the sizes of these toppers do not match their mattress counterparts. Toppers that are either too large or too small for the mattress. As a result, it is a cause discomfort and early signs of wear.
  • The bamboo casing feels cool to the touch. However, the topper retains heat and can become uncomfortably warm during the night.
  • There are reported issues  with early signs of compression and sagging.
  • Very expensive for a mattress topper.

Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam Topper. Full Size 2 Inch Thick, Ultra-Premium Gel-Infused Memory Foam. Mattress/Bed Topper/Pad for Better Sleep and Extra Comfort

Best Mattress TopperSource:

An innovative memory foam mattress topper from Advanced Sleep Solutions. Made in the USA, this is an ideal topper to transform your current, old mattress into a comfortable place to sleep. The memory foam is designed to benefit you in a many ways, to help you to get comfortable, healthy sleep. This 2” topper is available in six sizes, ranging from twin to the luxurious California king.

  • Advanced Sleep Solutions’ memory foam design is ideal for weight distribution and motion isolation. The foam provides a comfortable layer which also supports healthy alignment and pressure relief. It also helps reduce your movement during the night.
  • The open cell structure combined with an innovative gel mixture improves air circulation and feels cooler to the touch. The gel infusion demotes heat retention, and promotes heat distribution.
  • The gel infusion also enhances pressure relief at the point of contact.
  • Fully CertiPUR-US certified.
  • Advanced Sleep Solutions offer a 60 day money back guarantee and a three year warranty.
  • This is a reasonably priced memory foam product.
  • There is a reported inconsistency with the firmness of the topper. Some customers find it too soft, others find it too hard. It is unclear if this is a case of preference, or an issue with the manufacture.
  • There is no cover so the topper is more vulnerable to stains.
  • No straps or way to secure the topper to your mattress. Sliding can increase friction and lead to early signs of wear. The movement can also contribute to discomfort.
  • A thin topper with a 2” depth. might be inadequate to allow you to feel the full potential benefit of the cooling system. If Advanced Sleep Solutions produced thicker versions, it might be more luxurious and cooling.


At the end of the day, we do not only need sleep, we also enjoy it. It is largely recognized that sleep is a major aspect on which a healthy, happy life is built upon. Insufficient sleep can impact our lives irrecoverably unless we tackle our issues head on. We now know better than ever the benefits of sleep, and how the lack of it can be to our detriment. On average we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so why should we settle for mediocrity? A comfortable bed is a privilege that we’re afforded in the modern day. As such, we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of owning one.

In conclusion to reviewing the above mattress toppers. It is good to see so many companies striving to provide affordable alternatives to improve the luxury of our mattresses. Considering price, quality, functionality, and, above all, comfort, they were difficult to separate. However, despite the innovation of latex and memory foam contouring.

Despite scent infused foams and cooling systems. I have to tip ExceptionalSheets’ Bamboo mattress pad with fitted skirt as the best mattress topper currently available. The quality materials provide a natural softness that memory foam can’t match. It is far more versatile and convenient for cleaning than most of the other options. This topper acts warm when you need an extra layer, but doesn’t get too hot as to disturb your sleep. As long as you take care of this topper properly, it should provide you with excellent durability. Refresh and rejuvenate your worn out mattress for a few years more, and sleep well.

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